About Tasmanian Bonsai Centre

The Bonsai Nursery had its origins in 1982 at Brown Mountain Nursery & Gardens, Underwood, Tasmania under the mastership of the late Neale Farrell < dec. 1991>

Trees styled by Neale are included in our collection.

The Bonsai Centre was opened at the Riverside site in Oct. 1995 by Bonsai Master Susumu Nakamura from Japan < with whom Lynne studied in 1993 >

A Bonsai is never ” finished “.

Our Bonsai trees are continually worked on, pruning, restyling & repotting to improve their health & appearance.

Why Bonsai ?

More & more people around the world are discovering the beauty of Bonsai & find peace of mind in this fascinating hobby.

Nurturing a small piece of nature over many years can become a source of pleasure and recreation that fulfills the creative urge.

Bonsai can be of particular benefit in the following areas :

  • For stress management :
  • Provides contact with the calming influence of nature.
    • Requires a change of pace and an attitude of patience.
  • For those undergoing injury rehabilitation, for the aged and disabled:
    • Enables contact with horticulture that may otherwise be denied.
  • For apartment dwellers and people in retirement villages:
    • Requires minimal space.
    • Bonsai are easily cared for and are transportable.